FACT: More than 1/3 of all Americans are not covered by life insurance.
FACT: Over 1/2 of insured Americans only have their group policy from work.
FACT: Twelve perecent of households would not be able to meet everyday living expenses if their primary wage earner died
FACT: Another 15% would develop difficulty in less than 6 months
FACT: Two-thirds of the uninsured and underinsured don't know where to buy life insurance, or who to turn to for help

Our agents are fully versed in assisting clients in determining the type and amount of life insurance coverage best suited to meet their specific needs. We have many different options for life coverage including term, whole life and universal.

Grange Life and your local Grange Agent can help you to select from a full line of insurance products: including annual term life, 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term life, whole life, universal life, annuities and worksite life insurance programs to offer greater protection to your employees.